Myofasciol Yoga Wheel


Myofasciol Yoga Wheel

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The MYW project was born in 2018 from a collaboration between several people and the idea of ​​ Ilaria Cellura , Yoga, Pilates and AntiGravity instructor. For many years in the sports world he has been working with gyms and yoga centers for a long time.

The project was created following a concrete need in the world of fitness: having a program for the use of Yoga Wheel .
This beautiful and powerful instrument is still little known. The idea is to expand its use not only as a support to yoga classes, but making it the protagonist of the lesson.

The Yoga Wheel is a tool used to make yoga asanas and exercises inspired by yoga, but it is also widely used for postural exercises and can be integrated into Pilates and HIIT classes.

They have become increasingly popular, though still not very widespread, because they can be used to stretch and release the back, neck and shoulder muscles, as well as the hip flexors. They can also be used to make balance positions more complex and put us to the test.
There are different heights and their use is varied according to need. Their key point is to be very versatile tools and that in a few sessions can achieve more results than other tools.

Sometimes the yoga wheels are used to make the positions more intense and, at times, they are used to make the balance on the arms more accessible and for the beginners to reach basic figures. The main benefits are in releasing tension and improving flexibility. They can also improve balance, proprioception and core strength.