How it works

How IT Works

How does Wherever Strong works? Wherever Strong is a gym community. It is a virtual gym but with the same functions as a physical gym:

  • 1) users register by clicking on the JOIN WITH US boxes or on the ACCOUNT section. Registration is also allowed from the calendar section , by selecting a course of interest. From all these sections you will be redirected to the LOGIN or REGISTER page.

  • 2) Once registered, go to your mailbox and confirm the registration.

  • 3) already registered users will log in which will give the possibility to enroll in the courses, view the subscription status in their dashboard, view the courses you want to participate in or unsubscribe within 12 hours from the start of the course.

  • 4) courses start every Monday and season tickets go from Monday to Sunday of the following week. Therefore if one signs up on Wednesday for example, they will still pay until the following Sunday. The cost per week is so low that even for a lesson it is worth signing up, which is why we have kept the prices so affordable

  • 5) On the day of the lesson, 5 min before the start, access to the live will appear on the bulletin board. From there clicking on the link you will be redirected to the corresponding page.

  • 6) Any abuse of the use of the site, the tools used in it, the image, the contents will be reported and punished with expulsion from the gym.